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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Website guarantees to keep its customers’ personal information confidential.

Please read our Privacy Policy below to better understand our commitment to respect and protect our users’ rights.

1. Purpose and scope of information collection

In order to access and use services of, you can be requested to provide us with your personal information such as email, full name, contact phone number, etc. All information provided must be correct and legal. is not responsible for the legitimacy of the information provided. may also collect information on your visit of our website such as visit times, pages visited, links clicked and other information related to site connection. We may also collect information on your web browser used for accessing including IP address, browser type, language used, browser access time and address, etc.

2. Scope of information usage collects and uses your personal information for general business purposes and in a manner consistent with the guidelines stated in this Privacy policy. If necessary, we can use the information to contact you directly to send a sales letter, a purchase order, a thank you letter, a short message and information on a technical and privacy issue, etc 

3. Period of information storage

Data will be stored until we receive any removal request. In all remaining cases, consumers’ personal information will be filed and secured on server. 

4. Address of information collecting and managing unit

Premier Home Limited Company

Registered Business Address: 12C No Trang Long Street, Ward 7, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City

Contact Address: Crescent Mall, Basement B1, Hoang Van Thai Street, Tan Phu Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City

Contact Phone Number: 0903 769086

5. Means of adjusting personal information

Consumers can update and adjust their provided personal information by calling 0903769086 or mailing to . We will make the adjustment and update accordingly. 

6. Commitment to protect consumers’ personal information guarantees to safeguard its consumers’ personal information in accordance to the privacy policy on The collection and use of a consumer’s personal information are at his or her discretion except for cases prescribed by laws. A consumer’s personal information will not be used, transferred or disclosed to a Third party without the consumer’s agreement. may also include additional services. Some are provided by third parties (such as delivery or shipping services). These services may require information in order to service your needs (such as your name, address and phone number). While we do not control these third parties, we make an effort to use the information only for authorized purposes. 

7. Responsibilities in case of technical issues is fully committed to ensuring a secure and stable technical system. However, in case of a problem due to our fault, we will immediately apply appropriate methods to guarantee consumers’ rights. When performing a transaction on, the user must follow our instructions. In case of technical issues or any other unexpected errors that cause difficulties for the user’s transaction, please inform by mailing to or calling 0903769086, we will have them fixed in the soonest time. However we will not be responsible if we are not informed or the issue(s) are caused by technical, software or transmission error(s) of other sources rather than

In case our server is hacked, leading to the loss of consumer data, will be responsible for informing the authority for prompt investigation and solution and informing the affected consumer(s). 

We guarantee to safeguard all consumers’ information on online transaction. requests its users to provide genuine personal information such as Full name, Contact address, Email, Phone number, Account number and Credit/ Debit Card information when placing an order on the website. The consumer is requested to be legally responsible for his or her provided information. is not responsible for the legitimacy of the provided information and will not solve any complaints about the consumer rights if the provided personal information is not genuine.  

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